Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Cartier Baiser Vole

As evenly spaced as a mandala are these scent molecules that dance in unison around my nose as I sample this latest launch by Cartier - so evenly rationed, in fact, I'm at once reminded of Caron Alpona, even though they are completely different types of scents. Cartier Baiser Vole smells pretty much the same from beginning to end, artificially consistent without any evolution or change, like a piece of elevator music destined to fade out at the end with no real ending, a style of musical recording that has become fashionable, even if fading out while playing at full volume and at the height of groove is not something musicians do in reality, without the all-controlling master fader at work. Baiser Vole is like this - insensitive to all but its own existence, a sensorium concentrated only on the literal and tangible, the scent of oshibori (hot, steamed individual hand towels passed around at the table before a Japanese meal) and ginger. I imagine the scent is that of pink ginger, an upscale femininity in its subtle spiciness, resulting in a plush yet dry, cottony musk, a new type of Spicy Floral sans any sweetness at all. It's extremely well composed, of course, but it's for the lover of gourmand of a more controlled, disciplined aesthetic than myself.