Saturday, November 05, 2011

Chanel in Jersey / Shade Parade

Chanel Jersey perfume actually follows Tilar Mazzeo's book in which she revealed that Chanel No.5 was being produced in Hoboken, NJ during WWII, but yes, Chanel Jersey is peculiar, especially coupled with Maison Chanel's new ad campaign featuring disembodied females, pigeonhole camera perspectives and boring, static 4-chord doo wop.

However, my parents of the Silent Generation could probably relate to this ad better than I can, even being a mirror-Silent and all.

The video was uploaded by CHANEL on Sep 13, 2011 on You Tube.

"It's the Nail Cabaret! A special performance starring Le Vernis de Chanel."

Oh, it's all a joke, all right, on women, it seems. Between this ad and Allure being the new Bride magazine, how much more of a time warp do they want?

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