Friday, November 04, 2011

Fragrance Rebel, New Home of Parfums de Coeur

If you grew up in the '80s when the home grown American Giorgio perfume was the rage, you came across Primo! at some point. Parfums de Coeur is a famous line of designer imposters that are easily accessible through the mass market (drugstore chains, etc.). While they aren't the real thing, select fragrances seem to be done fairly well, as is the case for Primo!, the Giorgio knockoff, which actually might smell better than Giorgio itself. There are Men's selections as well, such as Bring It (smells like Unforgivable) and New York Nights (Drakkar Noir). Then again, you could just get a Drakkar Noir mini, and wear tiny dots of it at a time like pure parfum, to make it last, of course, and also spare the world of some of its inherent power.

The Happy knockoff, Wanna Play? is also a decent knockoff, with more lily of the valley than the original. I would like to try their Goddess, a knockoff of Vera Wang Princess. If they could do a decent fruitchouli, no one will ever need to buy prestige (Luxe) again. Visit the new web site @ (this code may or may not work anymore: FALL25 for 25% off entire order) and be sure to check out their other selections such as Skin Musk (formerly Bonne Bell) made famous by Sarah Jessica Parker who declared her love for it on late night TV (which was soon turned into the idea for SJP Lovely by Coty), and the classics, Wind Song (1953) and Cachet (1970)(gotta smell these! That packaging is so Xanadu) by the famous midrange brand, Prince Matchabelli. Parfums de Coeur also has their own fragrances, such as Malibu Musk.