Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Israelites Came to Ancient Japan / Rōmaji Musings

(Edited to add) I don't know how to present the interesting parts of an article like this without people being offended by the obviously outdated talk of blood types and lineage that come attached to the author's personal views, so please let me say that I don't believe the point of the article was to be racist or anti-semitic, but to focus on the shared aspects of two ancient cultures. There are many articles like this to be found online, but I don't know how much worse they are than news articles about genetic links between Native Americans and the Ashkenazi printed by Haaretz, for instance. If you have a problem with my blog, please send me a message rather than resort to childish trolling on the internet boards. Thanks.

I've posted this link before - check it out; there really are significant cultural ties here (the Amaterasu counting game thing is just an amazing and wonderful discovery): Israelites Came to Ancient Japan - www5.ocn.ne.jp

I digress but it occurs to me the Japanese spoken language (not the Chinese characters used for writing, but the language system) is just as much a gender-codified language as Latin. Although Japanese words themselves aren't masculine and feminine, there are different sets of words and phrases to be used by men and women. The difference is that the designated speech for feminine use is decidedly more honorific towards men, older people and other "authority figures", and that message is not only depicted all around through images and moving pictures but embedded in the psyche of the collective Japanese culture through simple everyday conversation.

On a happier note, it has a lively dotted meter-type rhythm to it, much like Italian, with the double tts allowing for measured rests within beats in such words as "motto" (more) and "chotto" (a little). It can sometimes resemble Russian with its cluster consonants in words like doushite (sounds more like doushte, making me hungry for borscht).

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Ai shiteru = that's "I love you" in rōmaji xo