Tuesday, February 21, 2012

L'Eau de Chloé

I went to Sephora yesterday and picked up something for the face and a sample of L'Eau de Chloé (Chypre-Floral, 2012) which the late night SA was kind enough to whip up for me just before closing. I love this, although it won't replace my ooh-la-la-signature (yes, this is a devious kind of fun - sorry, friends) and I'm wearing it now. Do you remember what I'd said about Cartier Baiser Vole*, how it resembles the steamy sensation of oshibori at a Japanese dinner table? It's the new classic "just stepped out of the shower" sensation that so many perfumistas have been looking for - and neither Gendarme nor Clean could fulfill. What's remarkable about Cartier Baiser Vole and L'Eau de Chloe is that they manage "clean" without detergent smells, soap smells, aldehydic powdery smells and even the standard white musk smell. These newbies are musky yet their sillage is controlled. They're polite and pleasant, functional beauties.

That steam sensation is like a spa treatment, not quite hot but warmly heated, like a freshly ironed shirt - flat and dry, with a vague hint of vaporized mist lifting from a firm, slightly rough surface, refined but coarse, like linen. L'Eau de Chloé is sort of like a new White Linen without aldehydes, a rich floral (think Tiffany perfume) without being obvious about its (Narciso Rodriguez for Her-esque) essence of blood red dark roses pricked from the virginal flesh of ethereal cottony musks. The fresh sprig of greenery and mint-fresh lemon-lime sprightly top notes embed its code of vintage neo-classical modernity, complete, in a Gruau-era Diorissimo green shade, housed in columns of Greco-Roman symmetrical flair, all made palatable with a simple, timeless, girly but not too-too (because of its heavy texture), grosgrain ribbon. And it is fabulous-smelling, though bitter and somber, too - a gift unto the perfume world.

If dark roses a la Caron Or et Noir, Parfum Sacré or Montale Aoud Rose Petals are your thing, L'Eau de Chloé could be the more brazen daytime office variety.

*Edited to add: I'm sorry for the mix-up earlier. I meant Cartier Baiser Vole but was thinking of Cartier De Lune.