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The Vatican Files no. 9

Leonardo da Vinci - Platonic Solids
(text by Fra Luca Pacioli, De Divina Proportione)
Three Pipe Problem

The Vatican Files no. 9

Article by Leonardo De Chirico February 2012

(excerpt)New Evangelization ... New Humanism

(Emphases: mine) "The New Evangelization is needed because the West has turned away from its Christian roots and it is time to reverse the tide. According to Fisichella, the battle ground is cultural, the issue at stake is anthropological, the task before the Church is to promote a New Humanism, i.e. a more advanced synthesis between Christian values and the Greek-Roman heritage through the rediscovery of the virtue of coherence on the part of Christians. The New Evangelization will be a means to achieve this ambitious goal, a goal that Benedict XVI wholly embraces and proactively spearheads." Read the article in full: The Vatican Files no. 9 - The New Evangelization and Its Silences


What is this issue at stake that is anthropological? I can only tell you that based on the Protestant churches I've attended or visited, the general consensus is that Christians shouldn't be looking for the "historical Jesus", as if to empirically prove God's existence through physical matter, but believe without seeing, to live by and be justified by faith. As such, Protestants are not born Christian by bloodline, but by professing their faith.

Granted, when my grandfather was baptized into Roman Catholicism, he knew he was accepting a Western God, but it seems it's taken precedence now to rebrand Europe, or The West, as explicitly Christian. Also, how far "west" are we talking about? All this RC talk of anthropology (science?) mixed with religion brings to mind Nietzsche's view of Europe's Christian-Platonic cultural heritage, among other things.

If it ever comes down to it, please don't brand "Asia" as "Buddhist". Remember Buddha is another Indo-European deity, similar to both Krishna and Christ in that they're all anthropomorphic gods.

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