Monday, June 18, 2012

And...I'm back!

I've posted a similar point of view on previous posts here, and I want to reiterate that if anyone has an issue regarding my blog, you could message me either thorugh my site or on the internet boards instead of resorting to childish trolling tactics like passive-aggressive doublespeak games, or worse, veiled threats, which I know could only get under my skin because I see what you're doing and it's not cool. I will no longer read those postings. I've removed most of what I thought were the crux of the problem that some of my more political readers might have had. I am not a political person but rather someone who tries to keep up with current events and randomly comment on whatever gets me to write. I blog because it keeps my creative juices flowing, so to speak, and my most faithful readers know I have always done it with morals and decency in mind. I'm not perfect nor do I expect others to be, but some of you could do better. If I commented unfavorably to something of yours, whether it was a creative work in media or a blog post like mine, I didn't do it to round up a gang of trolls to silence you, but to react to your opinions on whatever the topic was. If you're using a higher platform than mine to scare and intimidate me, that can be construed as cyber-bullying and I will deal with any continuation of these types of antics as such, through legal action.

Hopefully, I will have some peace, now that I pretty much know where the problems were coming from. Thank you for your patience and enjoy my ramblings as usual! Lots more to come, so please stick around for my bumpy New York ride!

Love xoxo,