Friday, June 22, 2012

Eau de Guerlain

Had you done your homework and read about this beloved fragrance among the serious cologne and perfume loving community, declaring it a legendary citrus eau? To give you a hint, see the ad I posted below (not the bee bottle posted above); the 1974 creation was packaged (the black and white boxes were in the same style) in a similar fashion to Parure (1975), Guerlain's most austere Women's fragrance to date (a leather Chypre with fruity notes). Eau de Guerlain is Parure's brother, almost like the spicier but higher-pitched and more brash cologne version of it: lemony at first, then turning ultra spicy (carnation is a key note, as found in Nina Ricci L'Air du Temps, Floris Malmaison and the original Givenchy L'Interdit) and dense, aromatic in a tobacco-leather way. If you're a fan of the mossy heavyweights such as Clinique Aromatics Elixir or Nicolai Eau de New York, it's probably more your speed. For me, it's one of those spicy scents I wish had a little more sweetness to it - and by sweet, I don't mean just base-heavy and ambery warm, but with some honey, sugar, vanilla or nectar to balance it out. It smells like a more decadent Caswell-Massey Number Six; if this is a wee bit much for a summer splash, try that.