Thursday, June 21, 2012

Philosophy Love Sweet Love

It's the kind of fresh, simple, sweet (but well-tempered, not hypersweet) Fruity Floral you might associate with beauty products for your face - moisturizing creams and such - but with a bit more authentic perfumey oomph - and yet, not quite out of the fruity body spray ballpark for those of you who aren't into the traditional parfum. Mango is one of its key notes, although it could easily pass for passion fruit. I'm glad Philosophy has moved away from the hyper-musky "clean" laundry scents of their past, like their bestseller, Amazing Grace (nothing personal; just an individual taste thing) and gotten in step with the arguably more "mainstream" or "generic" fruity scent...but if lots of people enjoy it, why not run with it? It's an energetic power juice for the young and young at heart - try it! Similar fragrances include Escada Sexy Graffiti, Rimmel London Glam, Kirra (Pink) Fragrance for Girls.