Monday, June 18, 2012

The Scent of Empire

"The French Revolution virtually brought the highly sophisticated French industries of fashion and perfume, which had grown and thrived under Louis XIV and his successors, to a halt. The new Directorate government marked a reawakening of the French love of luxury. Josephine introduced the young General Napoleon to bathing and perfumes..." Read the article: The Scent of Empire -

Based on an article like this, I could interpret my own taste and scent personality as either being eclectic, or one part cerebral and one part feeling, being able to use both hemispheres of my brain (but apparently neither while I wrote this post which I have edited on 6/19/12. To be sure, it was Napoleon III's wife Empress Eugenie that Creed's musky creation was based upon, not Napoleon Bonaparte's). I believe I like both types of scents - those of Napoleon's personal favorite and Josephine's more robust and flavorful one. I wonder if Napoleon's notorious hatred of musk really had to do with Josephine's taste in perfume, or something else / more / or nothing at all to do with associations we ascribe to the perceived tastes of others.

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