Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Some post French FIFI thoughts & other musings

Is there any fragrance you've been wanting to try these days? I'd like to smell Atelier Cologne, especially Orange Sanguine which just won the French FIFI, and Grand Néroli. Speaking of the FIFI, Elie Saab Le Parfum won in Women's. My quick review: a plush, powdery fruity patchouli, it's the Flowerbomb of nouveau Chypres. I also need to try the Men's winner, JPG Kokorico.

This one seems to be a hard-to-find fragrance (and not one of the night's winners), but I'm also interested in this Giorgio Armani Armani Code flanker called Armani Code Luna. I've read someplace that it's vanillic, like Dior Hypnotic Poison which I still enjoy when I have a very sweet tooth. By other accounts, it sounds more gossamer than the original Armani Code, a rich yet angular woody-orange blossom-jasmine Floral Oriental. Pictured is the stunning Megan Fox in both Armani Code & Luna ads.

She looks great, of course, but I like her hair the best when it's long and parted in the front, not so perfectly coiffed...sweet dreams!