Monday, July 09, 2012

Asians need Neutral, not Yellow, Makeup (plus Summer Fragrance Report from Sephora)

Devon Aoki, supermodel

Fabulous ladies and gents! If you're Asian and are looking for a foundation or concealer for your face, try these tips: #1: Whilst at your local Sephora or any other lovely shop where live salespeople will assist you with finding the right color for your pretty face, don't let them talk you into too yellow a tone. I say this because today, a young woman tried selling me (good intentions notwithstanding) on the importance of finding a yellow (meaning yellow-based as opposed to pink-based beige) color over and over, showing me colors that were supposed to be "yellow enough" for me, but of course, this brings me to my tip #2: you need to try the colors on your own skin. While I appreciated that the SA offered up her hand as a palette / easel for the yellow colors she picked out for me, even the palest of the yellow was too dark for me, which I couldn't know by looking at the colors on her skin but by trying them on mine. Don't be afraid to transfer the colors on the SA's hand onto yours as you would with a painter's brush. You don't buy clothes without trying them on, either. Finally, #3: Ask for a shade that's between pink and yellow, or a neutral beige. The term "neutral" is subjective, but basically, it's one that's neither too pink nor yellow. I found the right shade of concealer for myself today in Make Up For Ever 05. When I showed my SA how well it blended into my skin tone, I expected her to beam that it was the right shade of yellow, but she didn't. The color was called Vanilla. #4: Honey, you're not yellow, and neither am I. xoxo

On the fragrance front: I retested Balenciaga and Balenciaga L'Essence today, both of which seemed more aldehydic-powdery but lighter on the woods that I remembered. I like them, but I'd have to be in the mood for talc, even the greener L'Essence which dries down to a similar talc-like note. I also liked PureDKNY Verbena, which starts lemony fresh and ends with an aqueous but slightly Chypre-esque finish, reminiscent of Chanel Cristalle but sportier. It's very nice, actually. I like the original Pure DKNY, too, but I prefer its beginning stage when it smells like honey and sugar, not when the coconutty accord comes out in the dry down and reminds me of Ralph Hot and Benefit So Hooked on Carmella, which are nice scents, too, but I'm more in the mood for citrus nowadays. I was also drawn to something else yellow today: Versace Yellow Diamond, which is sort of like a cross between MJ Oh Lola (love!) and Kenzo Le Monde Est Beau (also gorgeous, cheerful and fresh!). But I'll stick with Tom Ford Neroli Portofino for now (or 4711 again - I'm tempted to compare it with TFNP for reals)...speaking of which, I wonder when Sephora will stock the Tom Ford!