Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Magnolia Vanilla Buttercream

Here's another one of my irreverent "smorgasbordy" posts, but in case anyone's interested in making vanilla buttercream (with or without the cupcakes that should go with it), I got my recipe here: Magnolia's Vanilla Cupcakes -

I can't recall if it's the same taste as the vanilla buttercream I had at Magnolia Bakery (prolly not exact...also, if you like it extra sweet, I tried adding a spoonful of honey which gave it a richer taste), but the Magnolia buttercream recipe is way better than the Magnolia cupcake recipe which tasted to me like cornbread (Note to self: sift flour, use real cake flour next time). The cupcake I had at Magnolia was a very white, delicate cake, like photos I've seen of cakes made with shortening (maybe I'll try that as well). Anyway, this buttercream turned out so well, even the chocoholics in my life are forgoing the chocolate buttercream in favor of it (Another tangent note to self: use Ghirardelli next time, which also makes great ganache). If you're planning to use it as cake frosting, don't overdo the milk, or the buttercream will be too thin, although it can be fixed by adding more confectioner's sugar. Haha, I sound like I think I'm a pro in the kitchen. I'm sure that to learn to make cupcakes well, it'll take at least as long as it takes to learn how to blend a perfume, even a basic one. Happy mixing!

On a side note, I'm thrilled to learn that the bestseller at Magnolia Bakery is their vanilla cupcake, which really is divine. Sometimes, with so many chocolate lovers around me, it's hard to believe that others enjoy vanilla (and white cake) as much as I do, but yes, vanilla with vanilla buttercream is in fact their most popular flavor of all. (Image: Pictured in the most popular pink version, Magnolia cupcake,