Saturday, August 11, 2012

Kenzo UFO

AS Kenzo UFO
"AS Kenzo UFO Traded" By Karen Cattoire on Flickr

- Bottle design by Ron Arad
- Featured in Arad's retrospective art exhibit in both Paris and New York City
- Recommended for evening wear
"Arad was commissioned by Kenzo to create a vehicle for fragrance that breaks with traditional industry codes and evokes sensuality when in contact with the skin. The perfume is not defined by the traditional olfactory pyramid. Its structure is a balance between a powerful heart, “the marble accord”, and four natural raw ingredients that add facets to the note. An exemplary object for both the art and fragrance collector."

The bottle was exhibited at MoMA; although I did not attend the exhibit, I remembered when this fragrance was launched in 2009 and I was very eager to try it. Thanks to The Perfumed Court, I was able to sample this relatively exclusive fragrance. At first, it smelled to me like a spicy Oriental in the vein of Calvin Klein Obsession, but I quickly realized that it was more of a Woody Floral-Oriental with perhaps some fruity-lactonic (milky) aspects along the lines of Jil Sander Style (edited: Upon dry down, I think it's more of a Woody Floral, as the floralcy reminds me of those of rich Florals Perry Ellis and the original Kenzo (1988)). It's woodier than and quite different from Issey Miyake Le Feu d'Issey but also reminds me of it; simultaneously, it brings to mind the warm, balsamic, almost "sweaty" sauna-woody gourmand-spice muskiness of Hermès Hermèssence Ambre Narguilé, although it's much lighter and easier to wear, especially in summer. In a whiff, it almost reminded me of L'Artisan Parfumeur D'Humeur A Rien, but without the dry, wood chip / insect repellant note. I close my eyes and envision one summer I spent in the Japanese countryside surrounded by the woods, under a clear starry night sky among brilliant fireflies, with music presented by an orchestra of crickets cutting through the peaceful quiet.