Thursday, August 30, 2012

Lady Gaga Fame - Testing No.2

Upon sampling the actual fragrance at Sephora, I found Lady Gaga Fame to be a sweeter scent than when I'd tested the scent strip in a magazine. I also don't detect anything funky in it, which is a good thing; honestly, I wouldn't have wanted my tween to wear a scent that was too funky, you know, even if the creative flow came from Lady Gaga herself. The first thing I noticed was the color of the juice - not like sumi ink or Cleopatra's kohl but a black like murky water in a cup after you've swished around a paintbrush with multiple watercolors in it. The first blast of scent is fruity, like an intense passionfruit mixed with raspberry, then a fruitchouli accord, then the middle phase and dry down which are pretty much a straight Floral, with well-rounded Fruity Oriental-Chypre (patchouli) nuances.

This scent is very sweet, and flowery to be sure. It reminded me at first of the original Kenzo fragrance for Women, and also vaguely of Vicky Tiel Sirene, and other similar rich, retro (by today's standards) Florals, but it dawned on me when I asked my tween what she thought of the scent and she replied, "It smells like Someday (Justin Bieber)," that, to me, Lady Gaga Fame resembled Rihanna Reb'l Fleur most of all. If you switch Rihanna's pineapple with Gaga's dark fruits, you basically get Reb'l Fleur which, not-so-oddly enough, I was reminded of when I sampled Justin Bieber Someday. So, there ya go. Powerful, in-your-face, but also quite beautiful, Fame is a wonderful blend, and I'm glad there's already a roll-on available in this scent.

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