Monday, September 17, 2012

Happy Rosh Hashanah (plus my September Top 10 Fragrances)

Greetings, dear reader, and Happy Rosh Hashanah to all my Jewish friends everywhere! May the new year bring you peace, prosperity and happiness. I have been kind of swamped with life lately, but I'm hanging in there, trying to stay creative, active and up-to-date with current trends and exciting events happening all around me. I hope you are hanging in there with the hustle and bustle of September, even enjoying it as another new season begins with all its lively colors of nature taking exciting new shape, like a metaphorical backdrop to our ever-changing lives. I'm looking forward to sharing my journey towards completing my first book (ambitious, I know), and also to let you in on my other on-going projects, like that music CD I'm back to working on...yes, I work slowly, but I think of it now like slow food--in that without an absolute deadline, I'm free to explore and follow the inspirations that come my way. It feels organic and alive to "let it be", making me feel that whatever will be born of this process will be authentic and rewarding in the end. So, I'm not sweating it; rather, I'm learning to breathe, to become more aware of the little things, including life's small pleasures like slow food, quite literally!

I'm still very much in tune with the world of fragrance, and so, I'd like to take this moment to share my current favorite perfumes. My biggest discoveries for me this year so far have been Serge Lutens Chergui, L'eau de Chloe and Tom Ford Neroli Portofino, all of which I've worn extensively throughout the summer. I've rediscovered Fifi Chachnil and 4711, and am now getting into a new phase, in which musks have returned with New York's cooler weather. Today, I'm sampling a spectacular cotton scent by Korres called Iris Lily of the Valley Cotton, and I hope to find more cotton / ozone scents to review, a new (or rather, maybe a sort of neglected) genre for me to explore. My young daughter, who doesn't wear fragrance on a regular basis but who enjoys scents enough to have her own fabulous style, taste, and a keen awareness of different notes, has recently discovered, as much as she enjoys trying different celebrity scents with me, that she likes a light cotton / fresh linen scent for herself most of all. So I'm currently intigued with the notion of trying everything from Marc Jacobs Cotton to Bath & Body Works Sea Island Cotton, but I think the type of cotton / linen she likes is more detergentesque à la CLEAN than a sharp, powdery, soapy musk like Lise Watier Neiges.

If you have a cotton / linen suggestion that resembles the scent of Slatkin & Co. Fresh Cotton candles, please let me know through Twitter or my Facebook page. Thank you also for the shout-outs from fellow perfumistas who have reached out to say hello in recent weeks. I'm happy to feel like I'm still part of this great community of thinking-sentient-artistic perfume aficionados around the globe.

This month, I've been most devoted to Chergui and L'eau de Chloe. What I love about L'eau de Chloe is that it's the exact rose-sandalwood-patchouli blend I've been hoping to find after my favorite body cream by La Sultane de Saba was discontinued. It is a sort of "hippie rose" scent, but it's light (for a Chypre), with a barely detectable, clean "steamy towel" (or fresh-out-of-the-shower) musk as its architectural framework (similar in this regard to Cartier Baiser Vole). It's also very elegant, if an "earthy-dirty" hippie scent can be that (certainly Jean Patou 1000 is both hippie and elegant at once--another rose patchouli Chypre, but a very potent and decadent one). It reminds me of the very lovely Guerlain Idylle without the pear notes, and of Narciso Rodriguez for Her without the techno-animalic tone. It's all that and fresh, like wine red petals pressed between pages of a book with leaves and stems, remnants of summer green, a touch of sunkissed, honeyed hay. My "signature" dark yet liltingly sheer, happy and ebullient rose Chypre...I love it. I feel it will continue to be a favorite co-headlining my current collection of beloved essences ranging from the simple gourmands and even simpler airy linens to the rich and complex Serge Lutens masterworks.

I want to resample Cartier Baiser Vole, the first fragrance I can recall liking that has that clean "steamy towel" accord, and I want (maybe for my holiday wish list?) Kenzo Amour Florale, the kind of clean yet mild floral scent I'm very much in the mood for these days. Miss Dior Cherie L'eau is similar but I feel it's sharper, saltier, and the musky dry down more pronounced compared to Kenzo. I've learned I prefer Floral perfumes when it's not too least that's my assessment for this year.

As for food, I will have to develop a diet plan after the hedonistic summer I've indulged in, but I have no regrets, and plan to share in my book the kinds of easy yet fabulous gourmet items I've been learning to whip up, to make my every day another day to look forward to. Come what may, together we'll make it divine, Pink Manhattan neighbors. Please do keep stopping by. xo

My end-of-summer Top 10:

1. L'eau de Chloe
2. Serge Lutens Chergui
3. Kenzo Amour Eau de Toilette Florale
4. Tom Ford Neroli Portofino
5. Fifi Chachnil
6. Kenzo Amour
7. Serge Lutens Fumerie Turque
8. Serge Lutens Gris Clair
9. Nina Ricci Nina
10. Demeter Blueberry Muffin