Saturday, September 22, 2012

Korres Iris Lily of the Valley Cotton

Korres Iris Lily of the Valley Cotton is among my favorites in the musky floral family of fragrances. It's also an ozonic fragrance, most reminiscent of Lise Watier Neiges in that it's a soapy-musky-powdery Floral with a bit of sharpness, and not much sweetness. It also resembles Elizabeth Arden Splendor, but less flowery, much milder in its "skin scent" disposition. At this genre's most "perfumey" extreme, one might find Estée Lauder White Linen; at the other, or least perfumey, "detergentesque" side (another extreme), Clean by Dlish. Korres Iris Lily of the Valley Cotton is somewhere in the middle, leaning towards the perfumier "Neiges" side and the milder, more commercial "Bath & Body Works body spray" side at once.

Overall, it's one of the few ozonics I can tolerate in the vicinity of food. It doesn't smell like I'm being forced to dine inside a laundromat, but it still smells like something clean and freshly laundered is in the building. I feel like this is as commercially soapy as I can go when it comes to scents that will actually be worn on skin rather than on clothing. There's a natural floralcy that helps it cross over from soapy clean to a delectable and pleasant aroma; on dry down, this fragrance smells subtle but like lily nectar or paperwhites. While many musks containing lily of the valley such as the classic Rain fragrances, J. Lo Glow or Sarah Jessica Lovely smell indolic on dry down, Korres stays unsweaty and more dry linen--or cotton-like.