Thursday, September 27, 2012

Ralph Lauren Big Pony Collection: Blue, Pink, Yellow, Purple

Boy oh boy, I love this collection from Ralph Lauren, both the concept and the scents themselves. This is a great launch, and the coffret should sell well this year, especially come holiday-time. I've never smelled the Men's Big Pony Collection (2010) but if it's as good as the new 2012 Women's line, I ought to. Each color-coded and numbered fragrance represents a personality type; Big Pony RL Blue (#1) is said to be for a sporty leader type. It is a citrus Floral with official notes of grapefruit and blue lotus, and as you might have read on this blog before, citrus is often associated with born leaders. I smell Jolly Rancher green apples, watermelons and a pencil shaving-like cedary woody backdrop, not unlike that of Chanel Chance. It has a fresh and dry musky dry down, and is one of my favorites. If you're a fan of Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue, Carolina Herrera 212 or Creed Spring Flower, try this.
Probably my favorite in the collection (although Blue #1 is a strong contender), Big Pony RL Pink (#2) smells sweet and soft with a bit of oomph, like berries and vanilla. The official notes are cranberry (which could pass for strawberry) and tonka mousse (which smells like vanilla). I smell a touch of pineapple, making this composition almost a cross between Rihanna Reb'l Fleur, PacSun Kirra Pink and L'Artisan Parfumeur Ananas Fizz. The overall structure of this luscious fruity Floral Oriental reminds me so much of my own indie creation of 2005, Pink Manhattan Purrfume (peach vanilla with white florals), I feel as if I never would have composed it had this scent been in existence back then. RL Pink is sweeter, and maybe a tad less green. I think it smells scrumptious and divine, and feel the "sensual" personality reading for this fragrance is spot on.
Big Pony RL Yellow (#3)...ahh, I love this, too. With official notes of pear and mimosa, this is a Green Floral, green often being representative of assertiveness in the olfactive universe. Characterized as a fragrance for the individualistic free spirit, it is most reminiscent of other Green beauties such as Donna Karan Be Delicious and Guerlain Aqua Allegoria Tutti Kiwi. My daughter says this is her favorite, and it smells to her of strawberries. It's the most classically Floral of the bunch, fresh but not sharp, with a tender heart vaguely reminiscent of Annick Goutal Petite Cherie, Elizabeth Arden Sunflowers, and even of the slightly tart hidden fruity pleasure within Guerlain Idylle. Aqueously modern yet well-mannered and classic, it might be a nice change of pace for the Elizabeth Arden Pretty wearer--it's very pretty!
Cherry and amber didn't sound appetizing to me, the only cherry perfume I've ever liked for a time having been Chantal Thomass, yet this composition for the seductive, attention-getting and unforgettable woman has a sumptuously smoky dry down, not far off from the "Turkish bath and incense" feeling I craved in the now-discontinued La Sultane de Saba body line. A true Oriental but with a sheer, modernized aura, Big Pony RL Purple (#4) is most similar to Bath and Body Works Blackberry Amber, with that ever-popular "fruitchouli" (fruit + patchouli) accord being the most prominent. The dramatic royal purple packaging color suits this fragrance well. If you like fruity scents but prefer warmer, deeper ones with maybe a hint of chocolate like Thierry Mugler Angel or Vera Wang Rock Princess, here's your speed.

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