Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Beyoncé Heat Rush

Beyoncé is one of those celebrities who don't make me wish I were skinnier than I am. Sexy, confidently curvaceous, blessed with beauty, talent and a rich but pristine voice with a true singer's bell to her sound, she can make anyone melt (no one looked and sounded hotter in a perfume advertisement than Beyoncé in Beyonce Heat). Beyoncé is my idea of the ideal perfume model. Like J. Lo, Britney Spears, Elizabeth Taylor and Naomi Campbell, I think her charm alone will sell fragrances for years to come. Heat Rush is the flanker to Beyonce Heat which I reviewed before as being somewhat of a coconutty scent. I prefer the sequel to it, a happy and fresh citrus scent as sunset-on-the-water orangey as its packaging with a slightly Indian-type motif (or maybe some sort of "generic Oriental"...hmm). My first impression of it was that of Clinique Happy and Azzura, both fragrances I love. Beyonce Heat Rush starts with that type of energizing citric-floral opening, until it dries down to a very pale rendition of the tropical nuance of the original Heat, barely noticeable in its aqueous-sporty coconuttiness (the listed coconut note in Heat is "macaroon", as in coconut cookie, not a French macaron which consists of almond flour and honey).

Aside from the eau de parfum, there's an affordable Body Mist for under $10 out there that I'd grab in a heartbeat if it weren't so shimmery--not that there's anything wrong with glitter or shimmer, but I just feel I'm beyond the demographic for it. Nevertheless, if you're a shimmer queen, go for it. Most of all, if you like fresh Fruity Floral Orientals such as my other current favorite, Ralph Lauren Big Pony Pink #2, try this. Although I would like to see more fresh and clean, classic Florals or Fruity Florals assigned to black and African American celebrities (Mariah Carey Luscious Pink, for instance), this is a very pretty (as opposed to sensual and seductive) scent: more alpha-light in overall feel than her first launch, and floral within the feminine soprano range, worthy of a Cinderella. May it become a celeb scent classic!

Commercial for Beyoncé Heat, Beyoncé's first perfume