Sunday, October 21, 2012

Child perfume

At the height of the indie perfume oil craze which perfumistas of the past decade will recall, Apothia Child perfume oil came in different packaging: a 10ml roll-on wrapped in blue vinyl with a circular cut-out, making the yellow perfume oil look like the moon against the night sky. I don't even know if that was the original look when Child perfume first launched, but it was really cute. The newer, simpler packaging doesn't take away from the nice scent that hasn't changed through the years. Child perfume oil, which is now available as an alcohol-based spray, has a legion of celebrity fans to legitimize its cult perfume status.

The fragrance is a simple blend of pikake (jasmine) and skin musk--an easy blend to copy as many shops have done over the years, and yet Child continues to sell, to a loyal fan base that won't settle for anything less than the authentic Child. I sense that this composition is probably white musk based, but it doesn't bother me as much as white musk tends to in other blends. To very loosely describe the overall scent, Child is a soft tropical Floral, on the verge of fruity, like Hawaiian plumeria but almost like banana or melon in its mild and sweet, round and smooth texture. Like many perfume oils, it lasts a very long time on skin, and dries down to a subtle, close-to-the-skin musky scent that is floral-sweet but also green, slightly soapy-clean.

Unfussy (maybe even sporty) but romantic at heart, I picture a Hollywood starlet in workout gear, maybe a sweatshirt and boy shorts or yoga pants, at a dresser putting on a dab of night-blooming jasmine before bedtime, as she'd always done as a little girl, copying mama with her fancy parfum. I think it's about as fabulous a tropical scent as you will find in a neat little roll-on bottle, compact and ready-to-go for today's women with an active lifestyle.