Thursday, October 11, 2012

CLEAN by Dlish

Here's the first of the CLEAN series--I plan to review a handful of scents within this line, so stay tuned! This is the original CLEAN fragrance, although IIRC the real original launched as a perfume oil, followed by the sprayable form. Many people refer to this as the anti-perfume, even though it has a perfuminess of its own, a sort of postmodern clean that is really so extreme it's almost a parody of clean, much the same way French manicures are supposed to look natural, featuring the optical illusion of white nail tips actually being painted on to give nails a "clean" look.

The success of this perfume is in the name just as much as the scent itself. I can think of no other perfume that smells as detergentesque as this, and I can't think of any other way to describe it, save for calling it "soapy, faux flowery and a bit citrusy". It is an artificial floral of sorts, but it can be pleasant in small doses. Too much and I find it gets in the way of food aromas. Paris Hilton has a fragrance with a similar detergentesque note in it, but I can't recall which one of her fragrances it was. Could it have been the one called Just Me? The name would suggest fitting into the "clean" concept ("oh, no, I don't wear perfume..."). I'll let you know the next time I find myself at Kmart, or a drugstore where mass market perfumes are protected under lock and key.