Monday, October 22, 2012

CLEAN Cotton T-Shirt

Why this is listed under Women's perfume, I have no idea. CLEAN Cotton T-Shirt is one I think could easily have been called CLEAN Men (without having smelled the actual fragrance called CLEAN Men) because as detergentesque as it is, it seems to lean towards traditional aromatic Fougère, or at least like calone, a note found in so many Men's colognes, especially of the past, most specifically of the "Sports" (sportif) scent type. It is listed on some sites as "Fresh", which generally means aquatic, but I'm thinking aquatic fougere. Maybe the company was trying to break a stereotype with this scent, which is more than fine by me, but if anything, I really don't think scents that mimic laundry detergent or fabric softener need to have any gender specification to begin with. However, if I'm to describe this scent in terms of common gender scent markers of the recent past, then fougere as a fragrance family that includes Brut, Drakkar and Kouros is as stereotypically "masculine" as it gets; then again, the androgynous CK One is also a fougere, and Cotton T-Shirt comes pretty close to that scent. A-ha--maybe CLEAN Cotton T-Shirt is supposed to smell like your boyfriend's T-shirt. Oy vey.