Sunday, October 14, 2012

CLEAN Fresh Laundry

CLEAN Fresh Laundry is one of many variations of CLEAN, the fragrance by Dlish. I like it because it seems less astringent compared to the original CLEAN. Although it is in essence a commercial type of fragrance usually found in household products, Fresh Laundry wears fairly well on my skin in a fresh, ozonic linen-like way. It's subtle and unsweet for a Floral, even with a traditional rose-jasmine heart. It's less detergentesque and more like a cotton-linen scent to me, overall. It's also less Green on the olfactory spectrum than CLEAN, which could explain why it seems less sharp, even if it's just as high-pitched a scent. Among the series I've tested so far, this is my favorite, the one I find most wearable and would wear again. The bottle made to look like the sky in a powder blue cloudy hue is adorable.