Sunday, October 28, 2012


CLEAN Rain is the new 2012 launch by Dlish. Featuring fresh fruity floral notes of melon, daisy and daffodil, it is an aquatic Marine Floral with tartness most suited to, but not confined to, younger taste. It smells slightly green with additional notes of violet leaves and water lily, softly lifted with effervescent top notes of mint. I enjoy this bright and pretty, smooth and characteristically fruity-musky aquatic scent that reminds me of Body Shop Dewberry and a much less musk-centric version of Rimmel London Glam. Although this is fruitier, it seems not far from the lines of Daisy, and makes me nostalgic for Sunflowers, too.

CLEAN Rain smells unique for a "rain" type scent in that it isn't musk-centric but more of a complete composition featuring a full-bodied floral heart of well-tempered freshness, clean without soaps and detergents, without skimping on sweetness that imbues fragrance with joy. Rife with sunshine as ever a yellow bouquet can deliver, this Rain doesn't mimic the wet, musty odor of actual rain nor surrounding heady ozonic atmosphere of petrichor, but only the beauty that occurs in our natural world after the rain.