Tuesday, October 16, 2012

CLEAN Warm Cotton

Here's another variation of CLEAN by Dlish that I like. It's a pleasant scent, albeit a commercial fragrance more often associated with household products than traditional perfume. Warm Cotton is evocative of dryer sheets or fabric softener, in that it features a faux floral note more aptly described as "soapy", or perhaps "creamy soapy floral", but it also conveys a breezy yet dry, ozonic quality associated with cotton / linen scents. For comparison, it has a similar linen-like quality to Fresh Laundry but with a sweeter, richer floral note as found in other CLEAN flankers, Shower Fresh and Outdoor Shower Fresh. Warm Cotton is somewhere between these 3 on the olfactory scale, which I can summarize as a soft linen + white floral, leaning towards Green. The soft pear note makes Warm Cotton distinctive.