Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Check this blog out--it explores some functions I haven't seen being discussed before: [P]i, [J]e, [J]i, [S]e. INFJ vs INTJ - October 13, 2012 | Psyphics

Image: Cognitive Functions Poster - Psyphics

Oh, and this is fun:

◦You receive a call from a telemarketer who tells you that you are the lucky winner of a free travel package. You have told them you are not interested but the caller insists, which gives you a hunch that it may be a scam. (Ni) You are not busy but want to end the call.

◦Do you hang up on the person? Do you ask the caller about the business model and try to discern the “catch” behind the offer? Do you research the company online or ask for legal verification of its legitimacy? Do you confront the caller about his/her tactics and ask how they got your number? (Te)
◦Do you gently state your concern to the caller? Do you check if his/her voice and speaking style “feel” sincere. Do you create an excuse for why you can’t talk at the moment? Do you empathize with the caller because he/she is just another person trying to earn a living? (Fe)

(Based on this mini questionaire, I'm most definitely an INTJ - ha!)