Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Bath & Body Works: White Barn Cotton (2012) vs Slatkin & Co. Fresh Cotton Candles

So, I've searched fruitlessly for the ideal cotton/linen scent for the past couple of months since my September 17 post. I'll post the remainder of my CLEAN reviews and other reviews soon, but I'll tell you in advance that not one of the cotton / linen fragrances I tried smelled quite like the Slatkin & Co. Fresh Cotton candle. My wish is that Slatkin would bottle their Fresh Cotton scent as a perfume as they've done with their other home fragrances before.

By the way, the last time I visited Bath & Body Works, I was told their Fresh Cotton candle had been renamed COTTON, but upon doing a little research this afternoon, I saw that their new 2012 Cotton candle offering is by White Barn. I wouldn't have noticed had I not come across a detailed image of the product (as posted above). Did they stop carrying the Slatkin? Did the SA just tell me that because they were out of the Slatkin? This city can drive you mad. Which smells better, you ask? To me, these candles smell almost identical if not completely the same, but I couldn't tell you definitively because I didn't buy the White Barn Cotton candle that day. I'm a fan of Slatkin but I guess I don't care which company does it--how hard would be for White Barn to turn their Cotton concentrated room spray into perfume, or heck, body spray?

Anyway, my search will continue, even though I sort of doubt I'd actually wear this sort of lemon-vanilla-Tide scent once I find it in perfume form. As with other detergentesque scents I've liked such as Castelbajac or CLEAN Fresh Laundry, I'll most likely wear it for awhile but not finish it. However, I believe it would be a popular perfume, since people seem to really love this type of scent--even Glade has a candle like it called Clean Linen. Who knows? Maybe CLEAN will come out with another flanker to get on the cotton/linen bandwagon called CLEAN Cotton. Maybe I'll slap my name on a cotton perfume one day. Haw...


I rarely watch reviews because it's time consuming, but here is a You Tube Bath and Body Works Slatkin Candle Review - Candle of the Week: Cotton (NEW White Barn) 2012. Happy Home Scenting!