Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Demeter Laundromat

There are a handful of drugstores in New York City that carries this funky line of scents by Demeter based in Long Island, the suburbs of NY. Demeter colognes usually smell like literally whatever the name suggests, but this one doesn't really smell like Tide, cotton, linen or any of the scents commonly associated with detergentesque smells. Instead, it smells to me like faux jasmine, the kind you might find in a (good) drugstore perfume like Diane Von Furstenberg Tatiana. I would summarise Demeter Laundromat as a fragrance most similar to jasmine-scented soap, like one of the Dial soaps that comes in green packaging. It's a clean but strong, soapy white floral that isn't musky (and not at all indolic, like real jasmine essential oil), and borders on tuberose it's so heady and creamy, though green and punchy. Go easy with this, because at least while the scent lasts (which isn't long), it's a scent that carries, even for a cheapie (but good quality) cologne.