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Lady Gaga: "Illuminati"? Read analyses of Lady Gaga FAME perfume

Image: Belladonna aka deadly nightshade
Read about Atropa belladonna - Wikipedia

Lady GAGA - Occult secret conspiration - October 4, 2012 1000 Fragrances

Lady Gaga’s Fragrance “Fame” and its Occult Meaning - October 3, 2012 Vigilant Citizen

I think the connection that was made between Lady Gaga FAME and Christian Dior Poison is spot on, as 1000 Fragrances points out, for the reasons he cites and plus because they are both, after all, dangerously dark fruity concoctions in purple (black) hues. Speaking of which, when I created my Unreleased Mix aka Persephone perfume, I had a version of it that was almost pitch black, but actually a dark purple (I still have this in my possession, and I will post a pic of it one of these days). The only reason the color of my product ranged from black to pale amber is because one of the oils I was using occasionally arrived from the factory in a different color, something I had no control over, especially because I had no intention of adding more color to it to modify it. So my perfume, too, was black and yet it "magically turned colorless" upon wear. I will also admit there were some references to occult symbolism like cliche references to "secrets" and "forbidden fruit", even as far as my "royal purple flowers" went, although I assure you there was no belladonna or any poisonous flower in my blend (it's hyacinth and magnolia in mine, with blackberry as my fruity note). Of course there isn't any belladonna in Lady Gaga FAME, either, even if the blurb says the perfume is based on the belladonna aka deadly nightshade. I also highly doubt Gaga wears belladonna oil, considering how the poison is readily absorbed by skin! The point here is, it is impossible for anyone who's smelled Christian Dior Poison to not feel the influence of the famous scent; the iconic Poison of the '80s is to today's perfume what Madonna is to today's pop artists.

Belladonna - Teufelskunst

But the connection that is being made between Lady Gaga and Hitler is something else. It's one thing to connect Gaga's imagery in marketing to alchemy and the occult in general, but to say because Hitler was into the occult, she and Hitler must be connected, is saying she is guilty of something sinister merely by association. Nevertheless, it's an interesting topic of conversation, the merging of art and propaganda, particularly in film and photography. Is Gaga the new futuristic Boccioni's Materia to Madonna's Material Girl, or Leni Riefenstahl? Check out the links above and see if you see what the writers see in her perfume promo video, and in her work in general; do you think she is a more subversive artist than the pop mainstream culture reveals?

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