Saturday, November 03, 2012

Marathon is canceled following storm damage

From Yahoo! News: "For now, they are sticking to their policy of no refunds for runners, but they will guarantee entry to next year's marathon or the half-marathon in March. However, Wittenberg said the group would review the refund policy." Read the article: Marathon is canceled following storm damage By Jennifer Peltz and Rachel Cohen | Associated Press

Let me just add that this animosity New Yorkers have towards the international marathon runners is appalling and uncalled for. It reminds me of the time I was doing a stand-up for a TV show and some guy in front of a downtown bar threw a lit cigarette at my leg (missed by an inch) because he hated the media. It is something akin to anti-immigration hate, this loathing of out-of-towners that some New Yorkers, many of whom are well-to-do, feel entitled to.