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Wynton Marsalis - Embraceable You

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Wynton Marsalis plays Embraceable You from Warsaw 1994.

Wynton Marsalis - Trumpet
Wes Anderson - Alto Saxophone
Danilo Perez - Piano
Ben Wolfe - Bass
Herlin Riley - Drums

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"Late Night Talks with You" by Hiram Bullock, from the album Jaco Pastorius Live In New York City, Vol.4, Trio 2

MBTI Compatibility: Pedagogue vs Contrast, Part 2

MBTI Compatibility: Pedagogue vs Contrast, Part 2

I believe I finally understand why the Pedagogue relationship dynamic, alongside the Contrast, is considered ideal, all theoretically speaking. Based on the Jungian cognitive function theory, the 3rd position in the order of preference (ex: INFJ = Ni Fe Ti Se, therefore Ti (introverted thinking)) is the position of desire. The Pedagogue's 3rd position is your 2nd position, the part you express to the outer world the most (ex: ENTP = Ne Ti Fe Si, therefore the INFJ's most visible mode of outer expression (2nd position), Fe (extraverted feeling), is the ENTP's desire (3rd), while the ENTP's own dominant outer expression is Ti in the 2nd position, which is the INFJ's desire). ENTP has a Rational temperament, which is quite different from the INFJ's Idealist temperament. Like the little dots in the yin and yang symbol, it has what the other desires, or, conversely, what it lacks within itself, the final "missing" (actually only hidden) piece of itself found in the other. Like I said, that's the theory.

In my life, I seem to generally get along with the Contrast type. The Contrast is like an inverted chord structure of my mind (the cognitive function order is Ne Fi Te Si, meaning every function is the point and counterpoint of the INFJ's Ni Fe Ti Se - another type of yin and yang. I wonder if one is more ideal than the other. I rather like my dealings with Rationals who seem to possess a genuine degree of warmth). The ENFP and INFJ can read each other intuitively and still be different enough to give each other new insight (and yes, the ENFPs in my life seem to have very different interests outside of sharing core values and creativity, for better or worse in the long run). I've been friends with ENFPs long enough to know that these verbally astute, quick and charismatic "life of the party" ENFPs are, like ENTPs, stimulating minds for INFJs. They are a lot like the ENFJ which I'll talk about next, in that they love to motivate people.

Funnily enough, the Pal (The INFJ's Pal is the ENFJ, the Teacher / Actor / Performer, the benevolent 'pedagogues' of humanity) is supposedly the type with the least natural conflict with the INFJ, yet this is usually not considered the ideal relationship type. I don't understand why; aren't you supposed to be soulmates with your best friend? I find them to be creative with an eye for design. I share a great deal with ENFJs, natural mentors to the INFJ, and they seem to always find me, even on the net! I love them (who doesn't?) and respect their high-minded PCness, and at times, I also find them to be the very enigmas they don't see themselves as being. Maybe we can become so close that we become blinded by the sanctimonious light that's sometimes mutually shed between these two types (Idealist temperament). Led by Extraverted Feeling but also blessed with strong Introverted Intuition, the ENFJ is a socially adept type; I wish I could read people, their individual feelings, and how they all relate to each other the way ENFJs do. They are masters of drama. This is why they can excel in leadership, management and sales.

Also, what about the Identity, a mirror INFJ? Is it possible that the more alike you are, the more accentuated the smallest differences seem to become over time? Like countries that are closest neighbors that argue about how to lay down chopsticks on a table? Is the Identity relationship the perfect union (maybe especially for a pair of narcissists) or a doomed tale of how familiarity breeds contempt (again, poor narcissists)? I only know one other INFJ and boy, are we protective types. I guess I sort of wish I knew more in real life, provided they are of the sane and emotionally developed ilk, but, as the urban legend goes, we're only abundantly seen mentally frolicking through the enchanted, at times convoluted though well-organized shrubbery of our online existence.

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"Remember the Feeling" (Peter Cetera/Bill Champlin) from the album Chicago 17: This is a beautiful song performed by Chicago featuring Peter Cetera on vocals. I grew up a huge Chicago and David Foster fan, and learned to sing and accompany myself on this tune which got me to win the New York Newsday Queens Teen Talent Search as one of 12 finalists. I have some good memories like that, somewhere in the vault.

Power of Ni / Ne

Read: Ne/Ni Jungian Cognitive Function Interaction posted at Personalitycafe.com

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MBTI Compatibility: Pedagogue vs Contrast

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According to the The Myers Briggs Short Quiz @ OK Cupid, the INFJ is most compatible not with its Anima, the ESTP (in fact it lists the anima as being the least compatible), but with the Pedagogue (ENTP) and Contrast (ENFP). We'll need to forget Socionics to understand this analysis. I'm trying to find this other site which I found the other day, where I'd read both interesting and ignorant (or perhaps offensive based on my standards) interpretations of the MBTI - the only interesting part worth mentioning being that the parents' types supposedly influenced our preferences. Since I'm still unclear as to how much of what is being proven through MBTI is seen as nature vs nurture - whether the point is that our preferences are shaped by our experiences or that our personalities are predestined by the way our brains are wired, or a combination of both - I can't draw final conclusions about the validity of the system; however, it seems to deliver some degree of truth and practical use, at least in terms of predicting how different functions interact with each other, such as in the case of the boundlessly creative Ne-Ni interaction (read about cognitive functions to understand the polarity dance between extraversion-introversion).

What fascinates me is the notion that romance is a created force, a system based on myths and hierarchy of power (or strengths). What I want to know is what type of relationship dynamic is seen as ideal by the analysts and why - because based on their preferences, their conclusions might not be right for me at all. As always, take it all with a grain of salt...this stuff is really all in fun.

Relationship Pairs (Source: Typelogic)

Advisor: each has an area of insight that the other lacks

Cohort: mutually drawn into experiential escapades

Companion: similar modes of expression: bear each other’s company well

Complement: compatible strengths with opposite emphases

Supplement: like Pal, but functions are farther removed: each can add to the other’s strengths

Tribesman: share a sense of culture, but with different interests and abilities

Anima: fits Dr. Beebe’s description of the anima/anumus: each is the other’s inferior (4th) function

Contrast: point and counterpoint on each function

Counterpart: perform similar functions in totally different realms

Enigma: a puzzle: totally foreign in nearly every facet

Identity: same types: a typological mirror-image

Neighbor: arrive at the same place by variant processes

Novelty: intriguingly different: interestingly so

Pal: work and play well together: minimal natural type conflict

Pedagogue: each is both the other’s mentor and student: has a “parent to child” feel

Suitemate: a person one might be comfortable sharing an office. Prefer similar climates, but don’t necessarily have much in common as far as goals or world view


I will be adding links related to the Pedagogue and Contrast relationship types as I find them.

Oliver Nelson - Blues and Abstract Truth

Many of Oliver Nelson's compositions and arrangements sound similar to Stolen Moments in a way...but this piece in particular, which I just discovered online, is pretty epic.

Kenny Barron Trio

Kenny Barron Trio: "Stolen Moments" by Oliver Nelson

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Tool - The Grudge

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My Funny Valentine Bill Evans & Jim Hall from Undercurrent 1962

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New track taken from Snow Patrol's sixth studio album available on iTunes now: http://glnk.it/an

Official site: http://www.snowpatrol.com

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Michael Jackson - P.Y.T.

Happy belated Birthday to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

This is my jam! ♥

Earth, Wind & Fire - After the Love Has Gone

Steps Ahead - NYC

Miley Cyrus - Start All Over

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Ahmad Jamal - Love for Sale

John Coltrane - Naima

From the album Giant Steps

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Diane Schuur - Love Dance

"Love Dance" by Ivan Lins, performed by Diane Schuur

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Live at the Blue Note - Dave Valentin on flute

Milton Nascimento - Planeta Blue

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The Manhattan Transfer - Metropolis

"Metropolis" by Djavan performed by The Manhattan Transfer, from the album Brasil (1988)

"The Zoo Blues" by Djavan, from Brasil

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John Coltrane - The Night Has a Thousand Eyes

Keith Jarrett Trio - All the Things You Are

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Keith Jarrett, Gary Peacock and Jack DeJohnette play all the things you are, live at Philharmonie, Cologne, 1989.

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Shelly's Lullaby

From TV series Northern Exposure (1990 - 1995), sung by Cynthia Geary and John Cullum

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