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Is Sola Scriptura Anglican?

Here's an example of Neo-Evangelical style proselytizing aka 'new evangelism' aka 'religious freedom'. Notice how 'Reason' is touted over 'sola scriptura', the central tenet of 'Protestant' Christianity. It is the first time I'm hearing the term 'low Evangelical', an idea from a hierarchically judgmental mindset that is as foreign to mainstream Protestantism as the caste system is to individualism: Is Sola Scriptura Anglican? by Matt Kennedy | 8/04/2006 | Free Republic

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Speaking of religious freedom, it is sola scriptura that gives Christians freedom to worship without the meddling of the church, or what Protestants call "middle men".

From Wikipedia: "By contrast, the Roman Catholic, Eastern Orthodox, and Oriental Orthodox Churches teach that the Scriptures are not the only infallible source of Christian doctrine. For them Scripture is but one of three equal authorities; the other two being Sacred Tradition and the episcopacy. These churches also believe that the Church has authority to establish or restrict interpretation of Scriptures because, in part, it implicitly selected which books were to be in the biblical canon through its traditions, whereas Protestants believe the Church passively recognized and received the books that were already widely considered canonical.[1] Read about Sola scriptura - Wikipedia

Compare sola scriptura with: "The infallibility of the Church (or, more properly, indefectibility of the Church) is the belief that the Holy Spirit will not allow the Church to err in its belief or teaching under certain circumstances. In Christianity, this belief is held by the Roman Catholic Church and the Eastern Orthodox Church." Infallibility of the Church - Wikipedia

"The Anglican Church, at its origins, claimed this type of authority over the people of England, but the idea is no longer popular within the Church, owing in particular to a lack of commonly-accepted traditions and to disputes as to some peripheral doctrines. However, the Anglican Church holds to a unique ecclesiology; In the Anglican's view, the ancient and historic Churches (such as the Anglican Church, Catholic Church, Orthodox Church, and Oriental Churches) that maintained Apostolic succession, belief, and practice, are all branches of the Universal Church*, and that there will always be a section of this tripartite Church which will not fall into major heresy."

See: Anglicanism

*Also see: Universalism and Catholic Church

From Wikimedia Commons: A photo of a print by Fratelli Bonella, showing St. Peter's Basilica (here representing the Catholic Church as a whole) illumined by the Holy Spirit.

Billy Childs - The Way of the New World

Billy Childs "The Way of the New World" from I've Known Rivers

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The Jimi Hendrix Experience - All Along the Watchtower

Foxy Brown- Sorry (Baby Can I Hold You) (VOCAL & DUB)

Foxy Brown- Sorry (Baby Can I Hold You) (VOCAL & DUB) 1989 Pow Wow Records - songwriter: Tracy Chapman

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Bill Evans Trio

Bill Evans - "When I Fall In Love" from Portrait in Jazz

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L'Eau de Chloé

I went to Sephora yesterday and picked up something for the face and a sample of L'Eau de Chloé (Chypre-Floral, 2012) which the late night SA was kind enough to whip up for me just before closing. I love this, although it won't replace my ooh-la-la-signature (yes, this is a devious kind of fun - sorry, friends) and I'm wearing it now. Do you remember what I'd said about Cartier Baiser Vole*, how it resembles the steamy sensation of oshibori at a Japanese dinner table? It's the new classic "just stepped out of the shower" sensation that so many perfumistas have been looking for - and neither Gendarme nor Clean could fulfill. What's remarkable about Cartier Baiser Vole and L'Eau de Chloe is that they manage "clean" without detergent smells, soap smells, aldehydic powdery smells and even the standard white musk smell. These newbies are musky yet their sillage is controlled. They're polite and pleasant, functional beauties.

That steam sensation is like a spa treatment, not quite hot but warmly heated, like a freshly ironed shirt - flat and dry, with a vague hint of vaporized mist lifting from a firm, slightly rough surface, refined but coarse, like linen. L'Eau de Chloé is sort of like a new White Linen without aldehydes, a rich floral (think Tiffany perfume) without being obvious about its (Narciso Rodriguez for Her-esque) essence of blood red dark roses pricked from the virginal flesh of ethereal cottony musks. The fresh sprig of greenery and mint-fresh lemon-lime sprightly top notes embed its code of vintage neo-classical modernity, complete, in a Gruau-era Diorissimo green shade, housed in columns of Greco-Roman symmetrical flair, all made palatable with a simple, timeless, girly but not too-too (because of its heavy texture), grosgrain ribbon. And it is fabulous-smelling, though bitter and somber, too - a gift unto the perfume world.

If dark roses a la Caron Or et Noir, Parfum Sacré or Montale Aoud Rose Petals are your thing, L'Eau de Chloé could be the more brazen daytime office variety.

*Edited to add: I'm sorry for the mix-up earlier. I meant Cartier Baiser Vole but was thinking of Cartier De Lune.

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US House, Deep House 1993 [Strictly Rhythm]

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The Chemical Brothers - Swoon

Have a super weekend!

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Happy Valentine's Day

With all my love from Pink Manhattan ~~~~~~~~~~ ♥

The Vatican Files no. 9

Leonardo da Vinci - Platonic Solids
(text by Fra Luca Pacioli, De Divina Proportione)
Three Pipe Problem

The Vatican Files no. 9

Article by Leonardo De Chirico February 2012

(excerpt)New Evangelization ... New Humanism

(Emphases: mine) "The New Evangelization is needed because the West has turned away from its Christian roots and it is time to reverse the tide. According to Fisichella, the battle ground is cultural, the issue at stake is anthropological, the task before the Church is to promote a New Humanism, i.e. a more advanced synthesis between Christian values and the Greek-Roman heritage through the rediscovery of the virtue of coherence on the part of Christians. The New Evangelization will be a means to achieve this ambitious goal, a goal that Benedict XVI wholly embraces and proactively spearheads." Read the article in full: The Vatican Files no. 9 - The New Evangelization and Its Silences


What is this issue at stake that is anthropological? I can only tell you that based on the Protestant churches I've attended or visited, the general consensus is that Christians shouldn't be looking for the "historical Jesus", as if to empirically prove God's existence through physical matter, but believe without seeing, to live by and be justified by faith. As such, Protestants are not born Christian by bloodline, but by professing their faith.

Granted, when my grandfather was baptized into Roman Catholicism, he knew he was accepting a Western God, but it seems it's taken precedence now to rebrand Europe, or The West, as explicitly Christian. Also, how far "west" are we talking about? All this RC talk of anthropology (science?) mixed with religion brings to mind Nietzsche's view of Europe's Christian-Platonic cultural heritage, among other things.

If it ever comes down to it, please don't brand "Asia" as "Buddhist". Remember Buddha is another Indo-European deity, similar to both Krishna and Christ in that they're all anthropomorphic gods.

Europe at the death of Charles the Great 814
The East and the West in the Middle Ages: Crusades and Crusaders

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The Rippingtons - Northern Lights

Joey Calderazzo - The Missed

from the album "In the Door"

Joey Calderazzo - Piano;
Branford Marsalis - Soprano Saxophone;
Jay Anderson - Double Bass;
Peter Erskine - Drums.

Dee Dee Bridgewater
from 2002 album "This is New"

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Fred Kimmel's Rock Band 101 Almost Valentine's Day Show

Rock this Valentine's Day weekend with the band!!

Sam Ash Music Carle Place Presents:

Fred Kimmel's Rock Band 101

Almost Valentine's Day Show
Sunday, Feb. 12, 2012 3:00pm - 5:30pm
Callahan's, 1964 Hempstead Turnpike
East Meadow, NY

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Caritas in Veritate

"Caritas in Veritate (Latin: "Charity in Truth") is the third encyclical of Pope Benedict XVI and his first social encyclical. It was signed on June 29, 2009, and was published on July 7, 2009. It was initially published in Italian, English, French, German, Polish, Portuguese, and Spanish. (...) The encyclical contains detailed reflection on economic and social issues and problems. The Pope points out that the Church does not offer specific technical solutions, but rather moral principles to inform the building of such solutions." Caritas in Veritate - Wikipedia

"The current Pope Benedict XVI, former Josef Cardinal Ratzinger, is a German (from Bavaria). Recently, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, in her 9-page address at the Bavarian Catholic Academy's conference on "Political Action based on Christian Responsibility," noted that Benedict XVI's new encyclical Caritas in Veritate points to the way forward in the current economic crisis." Pope Benedict XVI Main article: Germany–Holy See relations (also cited @ Roman Catholicism in Germany) - Wikipedia

Caritas in Veritate -

Jon Lucien - Sweet Control

Jon Lucien - Sweet Control (Polygram Records 1991)

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Israelites Came to Ancient Japan / Rōmaji Musings

(Edited to add) I don't know how to present the interesting parts of an article like this without people being offended by the obviously outdated talk of blood types and lineage that come attached to the author's personal views, so please let me say that I don't believe the point of the article was to be racist or anti-semitic, but to focus on the shared aspects of two ancient cultures. There are many articles like this to be found online, but I don't know how much worse they are than news articles about genetic links between Native Americans and the Ashkenazi printed by Haaretz, for instance. If you have a problem with my blog, please send me a message rather than resort to childish trolling on the internet boards. Thanks.

I've posted this link before - check it out; there really are significant cultural ties here (the Amaterasu counting game thing is just an amazing and wonderful discovery): Israelites Came to Ancient Japan -

I digress but it occurs to me the Japanese spoken language (not the Chinese characters used for writing, but the language system) is just as much a gender-codified language as Latin. Although Japanese words themselves aren't masculine and feminine, there are different sets of words and phrases to be used by men and women. The difference is that the designated speech for feminine use is decidedly more honorific towards men, older people and other "authority figures", and that message is not only depicted all around through images and moving pictures but embedded in the psyche of the collective Japanese culture through simple everyday conversation.

On a happier note, it has a lively dotted meter-type rhythm to it, much like Italian, with the double tts allowing for measured rests within beats in such words as "motto" (more) and "chotto" (a little). It can sometimes resemble Russian with its cluster consonants in words like doushite (sounds more like doushte, making me hungry for borscht).

Related link: 100 Most Essential Words in Anime - The Yale Anime Society

Ai shiteru = that's "I love you" in rōmaji xo

Sergio Mendes - Lua Soberana

Yutaka - Brazasia

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Classic: Caballo Viejo by Simón Díaz, performed by Roberto Torres y su Charanga Vallenata.

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On Symmetry and Nazi Architecture

Certain paradoxes haunt me more than others, such as why when we speak of Hitler, we don't refer to him as Roman Catholic but as German, yet in referring to Bin Laden, he's called a Muslim and not Saudi. When I think of Nazi architecture (links to Wikipedia), I wonder why we don't speak more about the neoclassical style being more Roman (or Greco Roman) than anything deco; the hyper symmetry which would have equally pleased the obsessive compulsive Kim Jong Il who demanded his rice grains to all be of matching length and color, is a style that doesn't deviate much from the most basic post-and-lintel construction - as artifically symmetrical as Egyptian goddess Hathor's Mona Lisa face and helmet hair. I wonder if people who require evenly spaced, straight lines and symmetrical shapes all around them to feel secure in this world, see modern, more flowing asymmetrical shapes as a real psychological threat. Likewise, I wonder if people of this day and age would ever drop the notion that a symmetrical face (or body) is actually more beautiful, or realize it's just another belief to benefit those who are in the business of ordering nature around to fit their limited scope of what ought to be.

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Deadly Style: Bauhaus’s Nazi Connection

"Ehrlich, who was arrested as a Communist in 1935, arrived at Buchenwald two years later, when the camp was still new and had only a few temporary structures. Like all prisoners there he was immediately forced into hard labor, but after two weeks he walked into the joinery workshop, declared himself an architect — he had worked in Gropius’s Berlin office — and began to draw at a drafting table. Rather than report him to the SS, the prisoner in charge assigned him to design and build the entrance gates.

"From then on, the Jews, Gypsies, homosexuals and others who were brought to Buchenwald to be worked to death entered on foot under Ehrilich’s elegant rendereding of the words “Jedem das Seine”: “To each his own.” It was a translation of a Roman legal maxim invoking the individual’s right to enjoy what is his, but — like the recently stolen “Work makes you free” sign at Auschwitz — recast with a sneer, in this case as a sort of cynical “Everyone gets his just deserts.” The stylish sans-serif lettering reflected Ehrlich’s training under the Bauhaus typography master Joost Schmidt." Read the whole article: Deadly Style: Bauhaus’s Nazi Connection by Nicholas Fox Weber, December 23, 2009

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Carl Jung 1875 - 1961

"Intuiting is a kind of perception that works outside of the usual conscious processes. It is irrational or perceptual, like sensing, but comes from the complex integration of large amounts of information, rather than simple seeing or hearing. Jung said it was like seeing around corners." Read more at Carl Jung 1875 - 1961 by Dr. C. George Boeree (There's a link to a Jungian personality test, too; look under the descriptions of all 16 Myers-Briggs types.)

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Brecker Brothers - Big Idea

Science decodes 'internal voices'

"Researchers have demonstrated a striking method to reconstruct words, based on the brain waves of patients thinking of those words." Science decodes 'internal voices' - 31 January 2012 By Jason Palmer Science and technology reporter, BBC News