Saturday, January 12, 2013

Calvin Klein Eternity Aqua for Women

Not since Davidoff Cool Water have I fallen in love with an Aquatic Floral (aka Marine, Aqueous, Water), but this was love at first sniff at Sephora. I wasn't drawn to the bottle, which I also would have liked instantly for its statuesque blue skyscraper shape, had the gradient colors not ruined its appeal (I don't like the gradated look of my other recent love, Lancôme Trésor Midnight Rose, either). Neither was I drawn to the name: Eternity Aqua, just one more variation among a gazillion other Eternity flankers out there. Maybe I was led by my mood for something to get me out of the winter blues, something I can take to an indoor pool or the respite of a hot, dry sauna, an invigorating scent to spritz after a morning shower to help me face the weather. It's been cold here, and you'd think I wouldn't want to wear a cool and refreshing fragrance with almost minty top notes, but a dewy spa-scent with a vague hint of coconut water and sunny fruits on a subtle but straightforward cedar base is exactly what I needed. Actually, I wish the tropical timbre was just a touch stronger than the floral lily musk tone, but overall, this is more of my type of "skin scent," simple and clean sans powder and other typically girly maquillage aspects.

Although apple and cucumber are the listed notes, I find Eternity Aqua to smell more like oranges, with a bold and balanced woody base. It's like Ralph Lauren Big Pony No.1 (Blue), CLEAN Rain, Chloé Eau de Parfum and Cool Water rolled into one. The dry down on me is a bit on the tart side, very much like CLEAN Rain, which might get a bit annoying in the long run, but for the moment, the scent inside the eye sore-turned-eye candy is incentive enough for me to get up and about each day.