Saturday, January 26, 2013

Emilio Pucci Vivara Variazioni Acqua 330

If L'Artisan Parfumeur La Chasse aux Papillons were a clean "detergentesque" scent, it could be Emilio Pucci Vivara Variazioni Acqua 330 (Wow, what a perfume name; it could be a keyboard patch number--the bottle that looks like a UFO seems to fit some futuristic theme here), a Marine Floral with notes of violet leaf, sea accord, jasmine, frangipani and musk. Imagine the sea accord in Bath & Body Works Sea Island Cotton without so much musk, a sunny white floral combined with a pronounced salty air accord and the light, citric-ozonic atmosphere of BBW Cotton candle, and voila, this is the fresh cotton scent I was hoping to find. I haven't been able to find a bottle of this anywhere anymore, save for a couple of online stores and eBay where it's going for an astronomical amount. I guess the Vivara Variazioni 2009 collection is discontinued and hard-to-find now.

The description under "Universe" from Emilio Pucci's site is as follows: "The Vivara Variazioni eau de toilette trio is an ode to the natural elements that define the island Vivara: the radiant gold of the sun, the serene blues of the Mediterranean and the warm tones of sandy shores.

"Each bottle is a tribute to the colourful world of Pucci, an imaginary journey into the very essence of the Mediterranean." Acqua 330 is described as "the heart of the Mediterranean."

The ad pictured above in illuminated rainbow hues reminds me of the imagery for Lorenzo Villoresi Iperborea (Ancient Greek Hyperborea (see Iperborea on the Italian Wiki page here)), a garden white floral (as opposed to beachy/tropical) according to the perfumer's vision. Until now, I hadn't contemplated how "New Age-y" the vibe of the radiant style was.