Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Ivanka Trump by Ivanka Trump

In all perfume-related seriousness, most celebrity fragrances smell alike. Taylor Swift's new flanker in the red bottle smells like Rihanna Reb'l Fleur mixed with Benefit So Hooked on Carmella with its coconutty cupcake sweetness; Madonna's new perfume also smells like Reb'l Fleur with darker, deeper fruity ambery notes, reminding me of Balenciaga Michelle or one of the classic Romeo Gigli scents. Nicole Richie's powdery musk scent could be a perfumey J. Lo Glow flanker, although I haven't smelled enough of these to know which one. Refreshingly, Jessica Simpson's new Floral is a pure garden floral - this one stands out as far as the celeb genre goes - more so than Madonna's first fragrance which is not just another Floral but a blatant copy of Robert Piguet Fracas, which I'm surprised I haven't heard being pointed out by online perfumistas. In the end, they've mostly spawned from the rib of Justin Bieber Someday.

My favorite new celebrity launch of 2013 is Ivanka Trump, which takes a slightly less-traveled sillage route. The fragrance is marketed as a scent for a career woman; it's a smart campaign for sure, much more polite than age-based marketing, but in my honest opinion, I feel Ivanka Trump is an evening scent (and a very sexy one), because it's voluptuous and classically perfumey, by which I mean it hits all the right notes from dazzling fruit notes to amber, cedar, patchouli, florals...it's as if one of the perfumes once put out by royalty, or a notorious royalty favorite (Volupté by Oscar de la Renta (1992), for instance) took on the alter ego of Beyonce Heat Rush and filled up an elevator with the charisma of Lancôme Trésor. So, although one could wear it on Wall St. as The Boss, I don't know if this is the kind of scent I'd wear to a job interview. Go easy on it, I guess. The fragrance was created by Parlux, which could explain why it reminded me of Fred Hayman Hollywood, for comparison to another fresh Floral Oriental. Incidentally, her mother Ivana Trump is associated with having worn Christian Lacroix C'est la Vie, another Floral Oriental, albeit a much sweeter, fruitier one.

In retrospect, maybe Macy's was protecting me from wearing too much perfume when I went to sample fragrances. I wish Macy's didn't make it so challenging to test them--not that they make it impossible because the salespeople were quite nice the last time I visited, but when I ask to try on a scent, I don't need someone else handling the tester only to spritz my hand once. Next time, please let me spritz twice on my own like at Sephora where I am not hawked over, so I can make a decision to buy more quickly. I will return to retest sometime soon, hopefully before Valentine's Day.

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