Sunday, February 03, 2013

Cartier L'Heure Défendue VII

I like this Cartier, a simple chocolate scent without any zany flavors thrown in, save for the white musk I detect at the end. This isn't the dark chocolate note I adore so much in Lagniappe Oaks Jazelle, either. L'Heure Defendue (forbidden hour - reminds me vaguely of my Persephone, a "forbidden" dark chocolate blend--anyone remember?) is listed as a Chypre Floral, but what I smell is a powdery cocoa-truffle scent, not the usual "dirty" chocolaty patchouli one might expect (because everyone's done it after Angel, even Chanel (Coromandel)). I can sort of compare it to the milk chocolate creamy goodness of Serendipitous by Serendipity 3 but perhaps more streamlined and elegant, without the orange and marshmallows I pick up in the indie eau de toilette. Still, what's zanier than the scent itself is that this chocolate perfume is an actual creation by Cartier. But why not? Have I become such a perfume snob that I can't respect a serious perfume line with a sense of humor? Mathilde Laurent knows how to have fun, having composed without biases, something in the exclusive line for everyone to enjoy, and that's cool, because like it or not, gourmand is a new classic, here to stay.