Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Enneagram 6w5

I dunno...I spent last night retaking the enneagram personality test, and surprised myself with a very different result from what I got before: 6w5. If you're a regular reader of my blog, you might have read that I've tested as 4w5 and 4w3, also as 5w4, but never a type 6 Loyalist. I always thought of type 6 as an MBTI Sensing type, like ISTJ or ISTP, but upon doing a little search, I found out that some INTJ and even INFJ types have turned up enneagram type 6, and specifically 6w5. Some online commenters have called the 6w5 "the dryest type," or "deadpan INFJ" ("a type that is often mistyped as an INTJ"...sounds like the story of my MBTI life)...and all I can say is that I do tend to have a dry sense of humor; at least from what I've been exposed to online, I enjoy INTJ / INTP humor probably most of all (although INTP humor seems more quirky (for lack of a better adjective) than always dry or deadpan).

So if I've either changed into enneagram 6w5 (due to more anxiety or indecisiveness than usual / before) or if I always were one and just tested "wrong," I'll take being a "Defender"; I still feel I need to post a disclaimer that I don't put that much faith in the enneagram itself. I find it even less stable than Myers-Briggs which also tends to fluctuate depending on the types of questions that are asked, as well as my mood or state of mind when I take the tests, although not to the degree that the enneagram fluctuates within its very narrow set of options between 9 personality types--especially if those types are all based on pathos, as if to say no one is without at least one, in varying degrees. Maybe I just don't like the images that come up under "enneagram 6w5" or what I'm reading about this type; it sounds like the scared animal that barks the loudest and eventually bites. I don't think I'm a traditionalist at all, but what do I know? I've even tested as ENTJ once. If I am this type, I'd say don't p*** me off...LOL!