Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Lorenzo Villoresi Iperborea

In my relentless search for a holy grail clean scent, I revisited a little-known niche fragrance called Lorenzo Villoresi Iperborea, which I first sampled just about a year ago according to my post on April 1, 2012. I don't have much to add to the descriptions I offered earlier, except to say it certainly is a beautiful scent reminiscent of skin creams like Nivea or Creme de la Mer (more so the Nivea), with a gentle rose adding a light touch of authentic rosiness to the Soft Floral blend. It's not a powdery aldehydic rose like Chanel No.22 but something about Iperborea takes me there.

The closest perfume I could compare it to might be Cartier La Lune with a slightly mossy-aldehydic skin cream whiff reminiscent of Lancome Climat or Oh! de London. Although it's a bit quiet to suit my personal taste, I daydream often about this being my next Villoresi purchase after Teint de Neige. Iperborea is not nearly as sweet as Teint de Neige, and it isn't quite as powdery and musky, but they share a conceptual quality of the snowy maquillage scent in each their own style. I hope you'll experience these very different but equally artful creations one day.

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