Monday, April 22, 2013

Van Cleef & Arpels Feerie Rose des Neiges

Van Cleef & Arpels has always impressed me with their high quality line of perfumes to complement their fine jewellery collection. Like Cartier and Boucheron, the company has invested in beautiful, timeless fragrances, each one a grand overture to the luxury of the entire brand. Van Cleef & Arpels in particular has always offered traditionally soft and sweet feminine fare mixed with the sharper, ever-scintillating mark of a prestige perfume, the brilliant-cut sillage that sparkles across a room to be noticed. From the sweet and opulent raspberry-infused boozy amber of Van Cleef to the assertive and sexy Fruity Chypre that is Gem, and for contrast, spring flowers strewn across a green meadow under peach blossom trees for the Fruity Floral Miss Arpels who could very well have a seductive arsenal of succulent melons and pineapples in her picnic basket, each perfume is an unspoken tale.

Each one seems fit for a certain kind of Cinderella, but perhaps none more than their recent offering, Feerie Rose de Neiges, which I tried at Bergdorf Goodman a couple of weeks ago. I haven't smelled the original Feerie to compare with, but this limited edition winter offering of a snow rose is so downy soft and pleasantly Floral with the subtlest brush of powder sans musky heaviness, it seems perfect for spring, and virtually year round. The transparent quality lends itself to smelling slightly aqueous but elegantly along the same line as Cartier de Lune which it resembles most.

The aqueous quality doesn't smell sporty, but like rice husks and rosewater, a Belle Epoque scent interpreted as a completely new and wearably modern composition fit for any room, be it a conservative office or candlelit dinner table. I find Feerie Rose des Neiges to be the type of quintessential Floral for anyone who prefers a blush of rose to a garden of roses on her delicate skin. If you like clean fragrances that leave you lightly scented with the unmistakable scent and texture of an authentic French perfume, this one is a pearl, as opalescent and creamy as its lovely translucent diamond-motif bottle, as serene and dreamy as a humble, meditative moonstone on which a literal figurine of a fairy is perched. If the fairy flacon seems a bit juvenile for your taste, rest assured the scent held within is not.