Friday, June 07, 2013

Jung identified himself as both INTP and ISTP

"(...) his quote would have Jung identifying himself as ISTP. Now it is necessary to mention that this blurb was written well before the interview quoted above, and that Jung believed that one’s type would change throughout life (which we, the admins of Celebrity Types, don’t). Nevertheless the possibility that Jung regarded himself as having drifted from ISTP in his younger years to INTP in his mature years can well be excluded by the fact that Jung is talking about his younger years in the 1959 interview. Therefore the only sensible explanation is that Jung held shifting views about his own type." Read the article: Jung identified himself as both INTP and ISTP - Celebrity Types

After all this time, with so many people saying your MBTI type does not change, along comes the info that it appears Jung believed it did. Was he covering up the fact that he contradicted himself in interviews, or did he really shift between ISTP and INTP? If personality is fluid over the course of one's life, is it experience that reshapes us, or our willpower to seek out those experiences? It's likely both, like nature and nurture both shape us in each their respective ways, but perhaps we are truly what we believe ourselves to be at every juncture--which might be the point of the Jungian cognitive theory. It would make sense that a Perceiving type would see life in this flexible, limitless way. Edited to add: Although Judging types can be open-minded as well; INTJ Scientist is said to be the most open-minded of the 16 types.