Monday, July 15, 2013

Escada Cherry in the Air

Ahhh, Escada Cherry in the Air, a luscious cherry fragrance as never experienced before. There are only a handful of other cherry perfumes I can think of: Chantal Thomass which is a Fruity Floral with a citric-floral-amber character, and Ralph Lauren Big Pony #4 which is a more ambery-woody blend. I find most cherry notes go hand-in-hand with sweet, resinous amber notes.

Aside from cherry-scented perfumes, there are cherry blossom scents out there, some of which are unsweet, almost salty light florals, and others that smell very sweet, heavy and musky, with a cherry note present in varying degrees. This Escada is as close as it's come to a cherry soliflore--musky with a cake-y gourmand base but with well-pronounced cherry notes, sweet and juicy until the dry down stage when the scent gets warmer, more like smouldering cherry incense mixing in the air with Hawaiian Punch, bubblegum and flavored berry lip gloss--flirty and fun, kind of sexy in a whimsical way.

It's lighter than, say, the raspberry muskiness of Givenchy Hot Couture, but heavier than Chantal Thomass, with less discernable floralcy and more of an edible accord reminiscent of cherry cheesecake. This is a fruity scent that's both fresh and deep, for Floral lovers, Oriental-Gourmand fans and Woody Floral aficionadas, too. So, does the fact that it's a limited edition scent for 2013 make you feel an urgency to buy it this very moment, or does it make you feel resigned to futility and say forget about it? With a scent so scrumptious, it's hard to beat the seemingly innocent siren red hot temptation.