Monday, July 08, 2013

Miss Dior (New) by Dior

Miss Dior by Christian Dior is not the same iconic perfume it used to be. Originally born in 1947, the Chypre perfume with a bright green bite and elegant leather notes juxtaposed with its classical floral heart had ushered in The New Look, alongside Dior's ultrafeminine cinch-waisted hourglass body line reminiscent of the austere look of the turn of the century, in rebellion against the relaxed, modern lines of the flapper era. The crisp yet voluptuous scent was like a starched white shirt with darts sewn under the bustline to accentuate it, and just a hint of an animalic dry down, like remnants of a tyrst from the night before that no one at the office dared question because Miss Dior was the boss' daughter.

After the degradation of the quality of the classic Miss Dior had reached an unspeakable low, Miss Dior came back with yet another new look, swathed in peachy ballerina pink hues much like its flanker, Miss Dior Cherie which came before it. Miss Dior Cherie roared onto the fragrance scene like the winner of a Miss Universe beauty pageant, placing the fresh-faced fruity patchouli chypre at the forefront of the millenial trend, ushering in the return of Chypre with the lovable, salubrious scent of pretty, girly strawberries.

The new Miss Dior is a pink Chypre like her daughter Miss Dior Cherie, uncannily so because it is the same scent, only stronger. Basically, Miss Dior has a more grown up and polished look graced by Natalie Portman, a face that carries not only the pride of an entire nation for her delicately chiseled beauty but the perfect image for Dior with her famous movie role as a ballerina. The fragrance itself is not as distinguished, comparable neither to the image nor its own debut in 1947, a scent that is not quite patrician but one that conveys an aura of luxury and confidence with a reasonable facsimile of the haughty animalic funk of a memory long passed, the now-ubiquitous patchouli chypre at the base of a fruity floral, not too distinguishable from other fashion perfumes like Flowerbomb, Coach and Jimmy Choo.