Friday, September 13, 2013

Nautica Voyage for Men

Nautica Voyage comes with a slogan aimed at men: "Know No Boundaries." Tsk tsk, a no-no for bad boys; is it Naughty Nautica for sailors that break the rules...? Do you think the version for Women, Nautica My Voyage for Her, has such a slogan attached to it? Of course not. Ladies' scents are never about new discoveries, risk-taking and innovative thinking, going where no man has gone before, but sexy skin and explosive emotions. Plenty of people in the fragrance world want to see the gender split in marketing demolished, but I'd like to see fragrances targeted at women to suggest women to aim higher.

As for the scent, Nautica Voyage is a bit easier for my nose to take than the original Nautica for Men, which I believe is a Chypre. Voyage is softer, more aqueous, at first whiff surprisingly reminiscent of Creed Spring Flower with a fresh heart and Marine top notes over a dry, woody base. The longer it wears, the more the "men's cologne" comes out, and I'm reminded of retro stuff like Polo. It's a pretty nice scent, maybe Fougère along the lines of Bleu de Chanel, a traditionally masculine scent for the modern man, one who changes the world with the Neanderthal hulk in him repressed and controlled in a good way.