Wednesday, September 04, 2013

OPI New York City Ballet Collection

I don't know how I could have missed the Spring 2012 OPI New York City Ballet Collection of nail polishes, especially because the Fall 2012 OPI Germany Collection was so highly visible to me, but I suppose it proves I'm not a nail polishaholic the way I am an avid fragrance least not yet. Nevertheless, I *need* this collection desperately, and I don't even care that I'm late to the game or that Labor Day was the unofficial last day one should wear this year's trendy white nail polish.

Fashion don'ts won't discourage me; I'm vying to wear Don't Touch My Tutu, a soft sheer white I'm already thinking of as my "winter white". I also learned a neat trick recently called "sandwiching" which means I can wear the silver glitter polish in this collection between two thin layers of sheer polish (or "jelly" as some sheers are called--which you can blend yourself by mixing 25% opaque color with 75% clear, another nail thing I learned over the summer), sandwiched between top and base coats to make the glitter more subtle. That means I will now have a "holiday white" in which I get to wear sparkly stuff and never feel it's too juvenile again.

So OPI Germany My Very First Knockwurst (pale beige-pink creme) is still my prima nail polish, because I love the color itself plus without going into complicated nail color theory, it's somehow flattering on my hands, but it's going to get fierce competition from all the pretty pastel neutrals ranging from ballet pinks to blue-grey and lilac in this set. These colors will match cashmere sweaters just as well as spring dresses, or so I've successfully rationalized as reasons to own them now!

Incidentally, tix for George Balanchine's The Nutcracker will go on sale on Sept. 23. Nails are a fun diversion, and I love being able to share this hobby with my pre-teen, but taking her to see the NYC Ballet this year would be the real treat for both of us. For more info, visit