Tuesday, October 01, 2013

See By Chloe

See by Chloe...it's a weird perfume name if you ask me, like it's some Objectivist experiment of sorts, but that's also the name of the fashion collection by the designer. On the web site for the perfume, visitors are encouraged to upload home videos of themselves to make a "movie" of their "real" selves. Whether it was intentional or not, SeebyChloe takes on a voyeuristic twist with such a campaign, especially when combined with the fragrance, a "skin scent" rose and musk blend (I know rose isn't listed, but peony is made of a rose note like many other floral notes that perfumers create).

The creamy rose musk takes me back to 1990 when Bill Blass launched a trio of fragrances, Basic Black, Hot and Nude. Nude was the scent that eventually became a perfumista favorite, at least in the online world that had little to do with its actual sale in the real world (it was quickly discontinued at the time of its debut). However, so much of today's reality mimics the online world, and so Nude has been reincarnated in its many parts: Burberry Body, Rihanna Nude, Katy Perry Purr and See by Chloe, each of them a skin scent with all of the musky components of Bill Blass' vision of olfactory nakedness minus the mossy, aldehydic character.

Today, we probably wouldn't have Twilight Woods, Cashmere Mist or even Chanel Beige without its underground influence, but I'm not one of its hip cognoscenti followers because I'm just not a musk gal. Sure, I like musk within blends, and some musk-centric compositions, but starring musk and marketing it as nude skin (and to sell "nude" with light beige and pink hues all the fricking time)? To me, a musk being called your-skin-but-better is like the French manicure being your-nails-but-better, artificial white tips and all.