Saturday, October 05, 2013

American Manicure (a variation of the French manicure)

Hey guys, the American manicure is a thing! I know, I just learned that the French manicure is American, but this "American manicure" is named that for being a softer version of Jeff Pink's (Orly) "French manicure". The difference is that the painted (or sometimes artificial) white nail tips that characterize the French manicure aren't as starkly white with an American manicure (although the off-white nail polish should still be at least semi-opaque to camouflage the real whites of the nails underneath). They say the sheer color that goes on top of the rest of the whole nail could also be a more subdued (less pink, more beige) color compared to the French.

I did something that could be called an American manicure this past week on my own nails, using a semi-sheer creme nail polish called Brucci French Opaque (it's not too opaque, so it won't give you the White Out look), scotch tape for a stencil, and two shades, one each of sheer pink and beige, both by OPI. After spending a good hour on my at-home manicure, I was underwhelmed by the my-nails-but-better "clear" nail polish appearance, feeling so much effort wasn't worth nails that look like my own anyway, but I grew to appreciate the "natural" look, especially when I saw how clean my hands looked all week!

So while it's too tedious a process to recreate weekly, I'd bother to do it for an important event or another week when I need my nails to look sparkling clean with minimal maintenance. Tonight is the last night I'll enjoy this manicure because it's finally starting to chip (although it's barely noticeable: another plus!), so I've taken pictures of my hand to commemorate, modeling my daughter's creation, a beautiful custom handmade rainbow loom starburst bracelet in bright white and neon yellow. Below, you could compare the starkness of the white rubber bracelet against the soft ivory of the piano keyboard, and both with the cream ivory I chose for the tips.