Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Carl Jung on Theosophy (and my not-so-metaphysical thoughts on the topic)

Before we get to what Carl Jung said, may I just note that it's weird how New Age stores have all these books, from the apocryphal books of The Bible (books in the Catholic version of the Bible but not in the Protestant version) to the Kabbalah, Sufi mysticism, Hinduism, Buddhism, Scientology, Witchcraft, Satanism, UFOs, Egyptology (and writings on how great the ancient civilizations with slavery were, be it Egyptian or Roman), The Secret / Blavatsky, Jung, etc. but never anything remotely Protestant, or traditionally Judeo-Christian? Perhaps what Ayn Rand found so abhorrent about modern thinking was a specific type of anti-materialist New Age philosophy, although her book Atlas Shrugged touches on theosophical motifs such as Atlantis, too (as well as materializing thoughts and all that creative visualization stuff).

I'm not sure where Objectivism fits into the picture, but this is all food for thought while I finish reading Atlas Shrugged, Ayn Rand's magnum opus.

Another thing: Protestant Christianity isn't all bad, people...especially when you understand that it's one religion that you're not bound to by bloodline / birth, because you have to come to God by faith alone. That is a belief system that separates (and sets free) religion from ethnicity.

From Carl Jung on Theosophy - Carl Jung Depth Psychology | October 6, 2013: "I refer to the theosophy thinking which is to-day rapidly spreading in every quarter of the globe, presumably as a reaction phenomenon to the materialism of the epoch now receding. Theosophical thinking has an air that is not in the least reductive, since it exalts everything to transcendental and world-embracing ideas. A dream, for instance, is no longer a modest dream, but an experience upon another plane'. (...) Certain anthropological peculiarities of the dwellers on the Atlantic seaboard are easily explained by the submerging of Atlantis, and so on. We have merely to open a theosophical book to be overwhelmed by the realization that everything is already explained, and that ' spiritual science ' has left no enigmas of life unsolved. But, fundamentally, this sort of thinking is just as negative as materialistic thinking.

(...) "The only difference lies in the fact that materialism reduces all phenomena to our current physiological notions, while theosophy brings everything into the concepts of Indian metaphysics."

(...) "Either kind of thinking is both sterile and sterilizing. Their negative quality consists in this: it is a method of thought that is indescribably cheap; there is a real poverty of productive and creative energy. It is a thinking taken in tow by other functions." ~Carl Jung, Psychological Types, General Description of Types, Page 445.

Image: From Five Minute Vacations