Friday, October 25, 2013

Where is Avonte Oquendo?

"On October 4th, a boy named Avonte Orquendo walked out of his school in Queens in the middle of the day. He’d first approached one exit, where a security guard, with a degree of diligence that will long be debated, asked him where he was going. He didn’t answer; he couldn’t. Avonte is severely autistic, and, at age fourteen, unable to speak or use language. The school was supposed to be watching him. But the guard, as far as the police can tell from security footage, one way or the other didn’t stop him from then leaving through a side door. Anyone who’s seen him since is not telling."

"The city lost Avonte—his parents had entrusted him to a public school and didn’t get him back, not yet. And the city has been trying to find him." WHERE IS AVONTE OQUENDO? October 23, 2013 By Amy Davidson The New Yorker