Tuesday, December 03, 2013

PINK MANHATTAN Holiday Gift Ideas for Everyone

Creed Spice and Wood, creedfragrances.co.uk

Literally fit for royalty, Creed fragrances make superior gifts for the ladies and gents who have it all. I'm a devoted lover of Spring Flower, Jasmin Imperatrice Eugenie and Fleurissimo, perhaps predictable choices for a Floral / Vanilla (amber) / Fruity fragrance fan, but not everyone shares my olfactory taste. How well do you know your giftee? Visit Creed boutique's online SCENT FINDER: BROWSE BY CLASSIFICATION - Select a scent classification to display its details and associated fragrances. creedboutique.com

Lancôme Étincelle de Neige: Neige Argent Noel, Flacon Blanc Noel

This Lancôme Vernis in Love Happy Holidays collection is going to get me into textured nail polishes after all. Who can resist snow cone nails? Those PR photos on the fabulous nail polish blogs have shown the most ice queen-worthy nails I've ever seen. The space age-looking and densely sparkly (with rainbow / holographic glitter) titanium / silver Neige Argent is also cool; what a fun, versatile duo for lacquer lovers of any age. Lancôme nail polish In Love in Flacon Blanc and Neige Argent, lancome.com

I also wanted to feature some traditional, modest gift ideas for Christmastime such as hand-milled soaps, books or holiday votive candles, and wanted to take this opportunity to share that flameless candles are now available in many different styles, both scented and unscented, safe and ideal for gift-giving. I don't have particular ones to recommend, but I also have to share this beautiful blog where you can see the author's many creative uses for flameless candles: Daily Thing of Beauty: Crowns - Swede - Celebrating Euro Style Interiors and Gardens 12/29/2012

Here's more eye candy: Decorating for the Holidays: Unusual Ornaments, 12/9/2010

Finally, do you need a gag gift? Here's something funny yet practical (arguably). Although I haven't read through the whole Japanese slanguage book, I can tell you teaching relatively close pronunciation without proper intonation is only so helpful. These pronunciations are difficult for native speakers to understand in real life. Nevertheless, some knowledge beats none; the use of pictorials is a smart teaching and learning technique. Mildly stereotypical images (faux Japanese hair bun) might amuse the ironic hipsters in your life:

Slanguage Language Learning Books by Mike Ellis, available at The Lakeside Collection: "Start out on the path to speaking a foreign language with Slanguage Language Learning Books. Illustrated prompts help make it easy to master simple phrases and commonly used terms. Books have chapters like Greetings and Responses; Adjectives; Family, Food and Restaurants; Labor; Law Enforcement; Health and Medicine; and Travel and Tourism. Softcover books are easy to carry with you on the road." lakeside.com

Enjoy, and Season's Greetings!