Saturday, December 14, 2013

Prada Amber pour Homme

When I say "This is one of two colognes I want my man to wear," of course I'm exaggerating; I would never mind him in Chanel Les Exclusifs Eau de Cologne, Creed Millesime Imperial or even liberal splashes of 4711 for that matter (liberal because it's a great inexpensive scent that never lasts). However, if I'm going to gift him with one designer fragrance that I intend to buy enough of so he never runs out, it would have to be Prada Cologne for Men, aka Prada Amber pour Homme. It is my favorite men's fragrance right now, and that's not an exaggeration.

We both like the YSL L'Homme, don't get me wrong, but this Prada for Men is everything: clean (I love neroli-bergamot--very 4711), and just a bit woody-vanillic but not exceedingly gourmand sweet, just nuzzly warm like the Canoe he used to like back in the day but high end, and not so powdery-musky. It's also a bit aquatic, like his beloved and trusted Acqua di Gio (original), but even I can deal with the "manly cologne smell" and wear this. Prada for Men is a true new classic, on par with another once-beloved signature of his, Chanel pour Monsieur.

Prada for Men was launched in 2006. I would have tested it sooner had I not heard so much about Prada Amber for Women being patchouli-heavy and geared for women who dislike sweet, flirty scents. The Men's is more my type of scent: very citric fresh yet subtly ambery with a dry, lightly wooded dry down. It reminds me of Tom Ford Neroli Portofino, too, but with something deeper and a bit more complex going on. Fear not; I still prefer my cologne like I prefer my men: safe.

And why yes, I like fresh (flirty) smells, and can safely say I love this because it smells pleasant and also very importantly, unobtrusive! If you love someone, please get this for him and by all means share it with him and with all the world!